Mr & Mrs A Dumycz, Essex

Published on 29th April 2017


An excellent visit both Carine and her new assistant Egalatine were charming and excellent hosts . we had a splendid tour of the caves.”

Dr J Hanslip, Dundee

Published on 28th April 2017


Warm welcome from team! I was with some relatives and they were also impressed. Looking forward to next year. The champagne is fantastic. As I said to them at the vineyard we regard it as our house champagne!! Thanks for arranging visit.”

Mr K Beaumont, Buckinghamshire

Published on 29th March 2017


We have got to know Valerie and Pascal well over the years and always get a very warm welcome.  Wines are very good quality, excellent value.”

Mr P Banham, Surrey

Published on 21st March 2017


Very friendly reception and conversation at the vineyard. Excellent wines. As usual, a great experience facilitated by you all at 3D.”

Mr & Mrs Bandham

Published on 13th February 2017


Whenever we contact 3D staff are always so friendly and helpful vignerons so enthusiastic about their lovely wines – proud to have been members for so many years.”

Mrs J Clark, London

Published on 6th February 2017


There is always a friendly & personal service on the phone. The newsletter gives interesting feedback about the vineyards. Over the years we have greatly enjoyed getting to know the Chevrot family and their viticulture.”

Mr I Ainsworth, London

Published on 29th January 2017


Very helpful people – I always feel I am an important customer whomever I speak too.”

Ms Robinson, Hants

Published on 23rd January 2017


As a new member we have been very impressed so far.”

Mr P Dixon, Kent

Published on 21st January 2017


Very happy and satisfied customer.”

Mr N Jeffery, Hertfordshire

Published on 19th January 2017


The people in the office are very helpful and we get the impression everyone loves wine!”

Mr D K Boyd, Kent

Published on 19th January 2017


In 20yrs no problems at all good service – keep up the good work.”

Mr R Jones, Kent

Published on 17th January 2017


We have hugely enjoyed our years with 3D. Best birthday present ever! Would & have recommend it to loads of people.”

Mr A Parsons, Oxfordshire

Published on 17th January 2017


Great choice from a really friendly group of wine makers – really enjoyed every visit we’ve made.”

Dr J G Randall, Lancashire

Published on 16th January 2017


I always find the people I talk to at the office very friendly cheerful efficient and helpful.”

Ms F MacDonald, Cornwall

Published on 20th December 2016


Just to wish you all a Happy Christmas! Thanks for all you do for us merry members – and a very good 2017!

Mr P Rolandi, Surrey

Published on 14th December 2016


The Maison Lenique champagnes are excellent. We have many friends compliment us on our choice of champagne when we serve it, whether it is the Cuvée 3D or on special occasions the Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs. They are such a wonderful complement to the Fresne-Ducret champagnes, and are a great talking point with our friends when (a) they say they prefer Maison Lenique champagnes to Moët or Lanson etc. and (b) when they taste the difference between ML and FD champagnes having enjoyed both, and realise just how diverse champagne can be.”

Mr S Pitts, London

Published on 30th October 2016


We received a very interesting tour of the cellar and an excellent and generous tasting. This was somehow a “homely” as well as professional visit and we felt we belonged – in spite of the harvest having begun just the day before. We were treated to an excellent tasting of a large range of wines all of which were delicious and also good value. We were also given the opportunity to taste grapes straight from the vine – so we really feel we got to experience the vine to bottle process fully!

Mrs A Thornley, Kent

Published on 10th October 2016


As always, all at Gruss are very welcoming and we love visiting. We are always impressed by their command of several languages. They make us feel like old friends. I have only positive comments – it is always a pleasure to deal with 3D Wines.

Mr A Batchelor, York

Published on 3rd October 2016


All excellent. Jean-Michel has a delightfully light touch for such a big bloke! We drank 08 Gevery Chambertin at my daughters recent wedding – delicious.

Ms H O’Connor, Middlesex

Published on 3rd September 2016


An excellent visit with slight variations on previous visits as host recognised that we were returning guests, good tasting, and a very friendly welcome. The Champagne is excellent as always.

Mr J G Knox

Published on 3rd September 2016


Extremely glad we were made a Riffault customer by chance, many years ago – would not dream of changing. After so many years as a client it is like visiting a friend.

Mr R Winning, London

Published on 12th August 2016


Super visit with M. Mary, who gave us loads of his time and was very happy to chat and explain his wines. Very tasty wines and excellent value for money. Our sons love it, so we bought some more!

Mr & Mrs Muth, Cornwall

Published on 30th July 2016


Just a quick note to, once again, say thank you for all your hard work in putting together such a wonderful few days in Burgundy. We had a truly wonderful time … You even managed to organise good weather which, considering what most of France was experiencing, was little short of miraculous … The choice of restaurants was perfect. It was great to have dinner with Vincent and Genevieve on Thursday night. Have to say that the meal at LA Conty was a revelation. Absolutely loved that fish dish and the desert was good, as well … Drinking wine is all very well but it makes a lot more sense when someone takes the time to explain it all. Who knows, I might even get my head around the Burgundian Appellation rules in another couple of years!

Mr & Mrs Hayes

Published on 22nd July 2016


Many thanks for making our Bordeaux weekend such an enjoyable and educational event.  Both Sally and yourself made this a great trip and one that we will remember for a long time.

Mr B Cartwright, Kent

Published on 18th July 2016


We had a fantastic time on the Bordeaux weekend. The hotel was excellent and the owners could not do enough for us. I don’t think I shall ever forget the last meal, under the stars and the owner attempting to pour champagne into our glasses whilst riding a bike… Meeting the vignerons at their vineyards confirmed just how passionate they are about their product. Not surprisingly and certainly not unexpectedly was their enthusiasm for 3D wines… It is also worth noting how well everybody in the group got on together.

Mrs S Hembry, Saffron Walden, Essex

Published on 30th June 2016


As always a delightful morning meeting the Baudets again. They are generous with their time and make you feel very welcome. The wines – continuing excellence. Every year I consider whether to try a different vineyard, but always feel it would be crazy to do without a wine we all enjoy so much. You continue to do a wonderful job. Thankyou.”

Dr & Mrs Holt, Croydon

Published on 28th June 2016


We really enjoyed the weekend. We thought the first night was excellent and it was really good to meet the producers. We were very impressed by the visit to the cooper, and learnt a lot. Also, it was nice to stand in a Meursault vineyard with the producer. Saturday was brilliant. We really took to the producer at Domaine Jacob. The dinner  on the Saturday was very well chosen. We really thought we were not going to do that meal justice, but the style was perfect, as was the venue.

Mr M Trotter, Cambridgeshire

Published on 31st May 2016


All the staff we ever have dealings with are friendly, helpful and efficient – and they seem to know who I am, which is nice…

Lovely walk through of the process as well as discussing the equipment and machinery for the benefit of my guests – one of whom is an engineer. Corrinne was helpful, humorous and informative – and good company.

John Hall, Devon

Published on 11th May 2016


It is not just the excellent wine – it is the great team and friendly service that makes all dealings with 3dwines such a pleasure.

Miss A West, Berkshire

Published on 5th May 2016


We had a wonderful visit and learnt more than at the tour we took of a major champagne producer in Reims. I love this champagne as do far too many of my friend!!!!

Mr R Adams, Lincolnshire

Published on 3rd May 2016


A fantastic experience with the visit to the caves being the highlight. All the staff were superb and made us feel very welcome.

 We stayed at the Hotel Diderot. Its our 2nd stay at this hotel. The service and staff were excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending this hotel to anybody. A fantastic location plus great value for money. The owners were very nice people and very helpful.

Mr & Mrs C Davis, Hants

Published on 30th April 2016


Jean-Luc and Jean-Albert were as warm and welcoming as ever, what a real pleasure it was to see them again and, of course, to enjoy the excellent wine tasting that Jean-Luc always provides. As the ‘grand père’ of 3D Jean-Luc has had many years of practice but the warmth of his welcome, the courtesy that he extends and the enthusiasm for his wines has not diminished one iota. If anything, his excellent command of English, now, makes him better than ever. We will be back!


Very pleased to witness how the range of wines from this vineyard continues to expand and how the techniques of both production and presentation keep developing. The wines are a delight.


Keep doing what you are doing! The 3D Team remains as charming and efficient as ever.

Mrs C Banham, Surrey

Published on 18th April 2016


All round a very good experience , excellent tasting room with very friendly staff. We have been drinking the wines for the last 5 years and they are excellent.

Dr W H Robinson, Worcestershire

Published on 12th April 2016


We were made very welcome and treated as old friends. My wife speaks French fluently and I understand quite a lot, so language is not a problem. However our host can speak good English. We picked up our wine from Domaine de Colonat at Les Roches Bleu, since we did not have enough time to visit both vineyards. We like the wines and have just ordered some more!

Mr D Hambridge, Oxfordshire

Published on 7th April 2016


What a gem this place is [Alsace]. We will go back later in the year after the harvest when we will have more time to do everything we missed on our first visit and stay much longer. My parting memory is seeing the storks floating lazily overhead as we left the village.

Miss P Trew

Published on 6th April 2016


There were many wines to sample at the vineyard, and it was a very pleasant experience. The wines from our allocation are very good and we are enjoying them a lot. We also purchased some of the other wines that they had available. There is a very high probability that we will return to Domaine Gruss in the near future.

Mrs D Dixon, Warrington

Published on 30th March 2016


3D were very helpful and friendly at all stages of the booking process. We had an excellent, very generous visit, they could not have been more welcoming and helpful. The wines are excellent across the board. Great difficulty in deciding which other wines to buy as well…

Mrs S Richards, East Sussex

Published on 10th March 2016


We found Domaine Chevrot were absolutely delightful so we have arranged for more for next year. Delicious!!

Mr P Banham, Surrey

Published on 15th October 2015


“Although the vendange had just started, the family were most friendly and welcoming and even shared a glass of their wine with us whilst we watched the very first grapes of the harvest arrive for pressing. A wonderful experience shared with the family. Once again, a most enjoyable visit and a chance to experience a part of real French vineyard life with the people who make the wines.”

Mrs A Jenner, Cheshire

Published on 8th October 2015


“Always a warm welcome and give generously of their knowledge, information and time. Keep up the good work! We are hoping to spread our wings to Italy next year:)” 

Mr M Stevens, Bucks

Published on 2nd October 2015

“As good if not better than all the previous 14 visits! This was our 15th annual visit and as always most enjoyable to catch up with Christine and the Jacob family.” 

Ms H O’Connor

Published on 2nd October 2015

“As always a friendly, welcoming reception from Daniella, despite the grape picking only finishing the day before. It was great to see the vineyard in operation, and Pierre plus staff did not make us feel as if we got in the way at all. Love all the champagne.” 

Keith Milsom, Surrey

Published on 23rd July 2015


I just wanted to thank you for organising such a wonderful event around the vineyards of the Loire.  As you know ,my last trip with 3D was to the Sancerre Foire Au Vins and Pierre Riffault’s “picnic” some 15 years ago and it is nice to be back in the fold!  …


Apart from all of the excellent wines and food, I thought our winemakers showed great passion and knowledge that they were clearly proud to share and it made for a very educational, as well as gastronomic, trip.  I think a highlight I will not forget is the lovely Steph at Chevalerie in Bourgeuil taking us all the way back through each year of her Busardieres to 2002.


Thanks also go to Debbie for her company and also all the organisation that makes a trip like that run so smoothly. I look forward to seeing you again soon

Mr K Weston, N Yorks

Published on 3rd July 2015

“We visited 5 vineyards on our trip and this was our favourite. Daniella was brilliant, she explained everything in so much detail with such enthusiasm. We felt like we really learnt so much and enjoyed the whole tour. We asked lots and lots of questions which she answered in detail and was a really welcoming and friendly host. She wrote down directions and suggested a place to go after our visit which we did and had a fabulous time, we would not have had any idea about it if she had not done this. We bought two champagnes from Fresne Ducret, although all that we tried were wonderful. While tasting it was interesting to hear Daniellas serving suggestions and about when to drink the different champagnes

Mr & Mrs T Winning, Dulwich

Published on 25th June 2015


We’re just back from our trip to the Italian and French vineyards, and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed staying at the Riserva di Fizzano. It is a delightful place, the setting magical Tuscan countryside in the midst of vines and olive trees, the accommodation very comfortable, food delicious and the staff, without exception, a delight. Special mention of Valentina, Nicolas and all the restaurant staff, who were lovely, always with a smile. 

Of the three Chianti visits, the highlight was the beautiful little Monte Chiaro vineyard of Alessandro Griccioli … Alessandro did a splendid wine tasting after a short tour of his magical estate, and then went the extra mile by fixing us up with a huge lunch at a nearby farmer friend’s house.


M. Riffault, as always, was a great host in Sancerre, full of excellent yarns and his wine, comme toujours, delicious.  


We have returned home several kilos heavier, but with some great memories. We’ll go again. Many thanks for organising the trip.


Mr J Hall, Devon

Published on 15th June 2015


My wife and I have had enormous pleasure – and greatly broadened our education of vinous matters – since we joined 3D over 10 years ago and started sampling the wide range of superb quality wines on offer. Overall a great organisation with lovely staff who are patient, understanding and knowledgeable! The opening up of regional options (with the increased range of choice) is a brilliant idea, and encourages partners to get even better value from their membership.

Mr & Mrs Banham, Surrey

Published on 5th May 2015


We had yet another great trip to France a couple of weeks back and included a meet up and collection with Christine at D Jacob.


We want to tell you that we opened a bottle of the above wine last night….and it’s fabulous! Sure you know but we wanted to pass on our thanks…..again…for not only superb service and enjoyment with 3D but what another beautiful wine.


Our thanks to you all again.


Mr J Patterson, Surrey

Published on 13th April 2015


We were made very welcome on our first ever visit to a vineyard and very happy with the wine.”

Mr C Soar, Surrey

Published on 23rd October 2014


We spent a terrific weekend down in the Epernay region of France with friends staying at a 3D Wines recommended hotel. The hotel was excellent in every way including the cuisine.


We had a very special tour and tasting on the Saturday morning at Maison Lenique in Pierry with Alexandre, who was most attentive.  The whole champagne process really became alive with him, especially when he started the bottle labelling machine for us before finally hand packing  some cases of their champange.  Naturally enough we came away with a good number of cases between us.


The whole weekend was just a total experience for us all.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable few days  which we shall remember for a long time to come.


Thank you very much for your input  and for The 3D Wine Experience.”

Mr & Mrs G Jones, Berkshire

Published on 1st October 2014


“We have been 3D members since 1995 and thoroughly enjoy visiting the domaines and tasting the wines from all over France. We have been Partners with a range of wine makers and over the years have switched between Burgundy, Bordeaux, Chablis and now the Loire. We enjoy the tastings, but the tours of the cellars and the vineyards in all weathers and times of the year is what makes the partnership so special.


We have many wonderful memories of 3D trips: the Givry Fête, the Sancerre and Alsace weekends, Cragwood and wine tastings around the UK. 


However, our first visit to Maison Lenique for the annual 3D event in November was quite memorable – an excellent tour, great tastings of the full range of 3D Partners’ wines and an enjoyable lunch, all in the marvellous cellars.


Well done 3D and best wishes for the future”.

Mr D Barrington-Light, Cambridgeshire

Published on 30th September 2014


I am back home from this year’s wine trip and just wanted to send you a note to say how wonderful it was.  We really enjoyed the visit to Domaine Dubois and were made very welcome in spite of the harvest.  It was great to see the grapes coming in from the vineyard and being processed.  Of course we bought some of the excellent wine!


From there we went to Domaine de la Madone.  They too were very busy but we had time for a tasting and bought some of their excellent Fleurie Tradition to go with the option wine.  From there we went to Domaine Les Roches Bleues.  Christiane was a delight and spent ages taking us through the whole wine making process from the grapes in the vineyard through to the bottling.  She was so helpful and interesting and it was probably the best visit I have done in all my years with 3D Wines.”

Mr R Hanby, York

Published on 6th September 2014


Christine & Jean-Michel were supposed to be on holiday, but took time out to welcome my wife and I when we actually collected the wine. Their presence was above and beyond the call of duty and, as always, a delight to meet this wonderful couple.”

Mrs G Stevens, Buckinghamshire

Published on 9th August 2014


M. Riffault is a joy to meet each year. This year we met his grandchildren too. We also continue to enjoy his excellent wines. We always feel that our visit is a real privilege.

Mr R Jones, Kent

Published on 4th August 2014


Our thanks go to 3D for their prompt help in booking both vineyard visit and hotel booking. There were eight in the party and the whole weekend was enjoyed by all. 2 of the couples were members. Ourselves and [our friends] who received our gift membership last year. I am aware that they fully intend to keep their membership on going. Hopefully will be able to recruit the others to 3D.”

Ms A Schofield, Lancashire

Published on 4th August 2014


We had a lovely time at Masion Lenique. We was greeted warmly and the lady who took us on the tour explained and showed us every part of the champagne making process with great detail. This was our 2nd visit to Masion Lenique and it was just as enjoyable as our 1st. Excellent on every level.”

Mr J Marshall, Glasgow

Published on 5th July 2014


Excellent trip. Stayed in Beaune which we found to be a superb little town. Travelled by ferry and car and found motoring in France to be a delight. Collected wine and will no doubt return next year.”

Mr T Wall, Cambridge

Published on 25th June 2014


It was a lovely visit. We were welcomed like old friends. We saw the vineyards, tasted the wine and talked about life, the universe and everything.”

Mr W Armit, Suffolk

Published on 15th May 2014


“The charm and interest with 3D is the possibilities you offer to obtain a personal contact and insight into the methods and artistry of the vignerons, as well as enjoying their first class wines, while at the same time appreciating that these are little gems which we would not otherwise would have found and experienced, coupled with affordable prices.”

Professor T Fallick, Glasgow

Published on 6th May 2014


Exceptionally friendly and very knowledgeable; we could not have asked for anything more.”

Mr J Holt, Clacton On Sea

Published on 2nd May 2014


This is easily the best producer we have visited. Jean-Claude went out of his way to ensure we had a good time and we received small souvenirs as well as the wine. His demonstration of how to open a bottle of fizz without it overflowing was an entertainment in itself.”

Mrs P Brooks, Hampshire

Published on 25th March 2014


It has always been a pleasure visiting the vineyard – Pierre is welcoming and gives us all the information we could want about the vineyard and the particular wines we are collecting. We shall miss our visits to Sancerre, but look forward to visiting the champagne area in the future. As ever, 3D provided an excellent service with the bookings for the visit and the hotel. Thank you.

Mr A Thomas, Surrey

Published on 3rd February 2014


Susan [Kennedy Point, New Zealand] opened up specially for us on New Years Day to give us a very professional wine-tasting and Neil showed us around the vineyard and tiny winery operations, communicating his infectious enthusiasm for his vines and the rare organic certification.”

Mr N Cooper, Hampshire

Published on 7th January 2014


A very enjoyable and interesting visit. Everyone was very welcoming and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We felt it was one of the best visits we have made to a producer and would recommend both the wines and the producer.

Mr & Mrs C Kitson, Isle of Skye

Published on 2nd December 2013


Excellent visit. Informative and enjoyable tour. Magnificent tasting. Surpassed our expectations. We could not have asked for more. Please pass our appreciation to Jean-Luc.”


Mrs J Macey, Hampshire

Published on 16th November 2013


The tour was very interesting, to see how a small family run champagne producer survives against the large producers. I hope to support these small producers through 3D. Excellent tour, especially as the grapes had been recently harvested and we could see and more importantly smell them fermenting.

Mr P Tucker, Jersey

Published on 1st November 2013


I just wanted to write and say a sincere thank you to you, and your colleagues for the arrangements you made for our recent vineyard visits and associated hotel accommodation in France.  Everything was brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed everywhere we stayed, everything we saw, tasted and experienced during our visits to the 3d partner vineyards at Rulle, Eguisheim and Sancerre … We are making so many friends through 3d Wines which is brilliant … Once again many thanks for all you did to make our visits absolutely trouble free and very enjoyable.

Ms L Kennedy, Essex

Published on 20th October 2013


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and Jean-Claude was a perfectly charming and informative host. He spent around 2 hours with us in total and although we like to try a different vine yard every year, we will visit him again. I think this was our best visit yet and the others have all been extremely good too.

Mrs K Carmichael, Manchester

Published on 11th October 2013


This was our third visit with 3d wines and was the best! Fantastically informative and really felt as though our little bit if custom was very valued! Excellent!!!

Mrs M Fox, Leicestershire

Published on 4th October 2013


We have been made to feel that we are friends rather than customers by both of the brothers. Also we look forward to the experience of collecting our wine.

Mrs S Davey, Swansea

Published on 29th September 2013


Excellent tour with vineyard owner lovely experience. Restaurant adjacent to hotel had fantastic food and service can thoroughly recommend the zander fish caught in the Loire.

Mrs G Stevens, Bucks

Published on 18th September 2013


We have now enjoyed two annual visits and look forward already to next year!

Mr D Jones, Buckinghamshire

Published on 20th August 2013


We met Jean-Michel, but Françoise gave the excellent tour. The tour was very informative. Françoise was very friendly and happy to answer all our questions, without expecting us to be wine experts!! We would highly recommend the tour.”

Mr D Purnell, West Midlands

Published on 20th August 2013


Eguisheim is a beautiful unspoilt village. Domaine Gruss is great and the wine is fantastic.”

Mr S Dirs, Middlesex

Published on 19th August 2013


You arranged it all and everything went like clockwork. Lovely people and lovely champagne too.

Mr A C Lord, Notts

Published on 10th August 2013


We have already emailed to thank Gilles and his father who opened up early as we had a long journey and time was of the essence. The wine was ready. We did not have time for a tasting and it was 9.30am. We had previously looked round La Motte. 100% service.

Dr A Shepherd, Surrey

Published on 3rd August 2013


Although we were not collecting any wine on this occasion, Jean-Michel and Christine went out of their way to give us an excellent tour, and a superb and comprehensive tasting, well beyond what we would normally expect.”

Mrs S Strachan, Cornwall

Published on 26th July 2013


We had a wonderful and informative visit at Champagne Fresne Ducret . Pierre gave us a good tour and spent a good deal of time with us. He was charming. We had a good tasting and are very pleased with the Champagne. We plan to return next year!!

Mrs Hunter, Herts

Published on 16th July 2013


We enjoyed our visit immensely. The highlights being taken to one of the vineyards up a steep, rough track in a transit van (great fun) and Christine explaining about the vines and the growing process and the general running of a small vineyard and then the visit to the cellars and the tasting. Christine is obviously extremely knowledgeable and it was fascinating to learn about the Terroir and how it affects the final taste etc. of the wine. The wine we bought is superb and my husband was chuffed.

Mr R Lemmon, Norwich

Published on 19th June 2013


A fantastic experience, made very welcome. Our tasting and tour was very enjoyable and informative. Wines were do good we left with several extra bottles! Would recommend Domaine Gruss highly. Thank you.

Ms L W Bysh, London

Published on 4th June 2013


Isabelle was very welcoming and as ever we thoroughly enjoyed our visit — nearly went back the following Monday to see bottling!! They have some wonderful wines.

Mr I Robertson, York

Published on 29th May 2013


Just to let you know that we are safely back home with a car full of champagne – thank you for making all the arrangements and please pass on our thanks to all at Maison Lenique – you all make it very easy.

Mr M Rostron, W Yorkshire

Published on 15th April 2013


We had a wonderful visit to Fresne Ducret: Pierre Fresne could not have been more helpful or friendly and our tour was very informative (and the wine is delectable). You also booked accommodation in Epernay and the hotel was friendly, interesting and well-placed: thank you again for this. Dining out in Epernay we met some other 3D members on their way back from the truffle- hunting weekend on the Rhone! We do recommend you to all our friends because of these good experiences.

Mr Clark, Dorset

Published on 10th April 2013


We were very pleased with our first visit to Sancerre and thought the area was beautiful. The hotel owners were very hospitable and we had a good evening meal in their restaurant. M. Riffault gave us a very interesting insight into the history of wine making in Sancerre and the surrounding Central Loire wine producers and we were very pleased with the wines.

Mr Overbury, Gloucestershire

Published on 27th March 2013


It was lovely to visit the vineyard to collect our wine. We learnt a lot about Premier Cru, in spite of the gaps in our French. Wish we could have spent longer there but we needed to crack on to the mountains for our skiing holiday. We are looking forward to visiting the vines in Chablis next year.

Miss Rigarlsford, Wiltshire

Published on 4th February 2013


I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2012 present, and have renewed my membership for 2013, and hope to travel across again this year and include a trip to the Burgundy region.

Mr Whitfield, Kent

Published on 20th January 2013


“We are more than delighted with our first year with 3D wines. Looking forward to visiting this year’s vineyard.

Prof. Ellam, East Kilbride

Published on 4th December 2012


A couple of weeks ago, you helped me organize a retirement present for my former colleague.  We presented the gift at a party last Saturday and I just received a thank you card [from the recipient] in which he describes the present as “the most thoughtful and wonderful I have ever received”.  It was always going to be a good party but you helped to make it truly memorable – many thanks!